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One More Chance

One More Chance is the product of the "Slow Summer Game Jam 2019" with the three's challenge: 3 inputs, 3 color palet and some other (3 geometric 3D shapes, 3 Icons and even 3 devs worked on this prototype) and theme: "One More Time".

Our approach was to try and experiment with mechanics such as stopping time, change shapes (each of these with different uses), free fall and rewinding time (for narrative purposes too). Game's short, stick 'til the end.


Jorge Aranda (@jaranlopz) - Music, SFX Design, Production, Animations, 3D Modeling

Irene Godoy (@IreneNoMas) - Design (Level Design, Menus, Varaible Adjustments, Assistant Producer) and coding (Power ups and interface)

Silvia Osoro (@Silvia_gprogr) - Coding (Everything), Art (Team and Game Logo, Icons, power up design)

Mouse Only

Mouse Left Click - Sphere Jump  I  Middle Mouse Click - Pyramid Time Detention  I  Mouse Right Click - Cube for platform breaking (not the moving ones)

Mouse + Keyboard

Q - Sphere Jump  I  W - Pyramid Time Detention  I  E - Cube for platform breaking (not the moving ones)

What a great Jam it was for us. We all here from SpiriToteM hope you enjoy it.

Much Love

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